Jaipur Diwali Day Tour
Our main Aim of creating the Diwali Special tour is to invite travelers to celebrate Diwali as Local do.

Diwali aka is the festival of lights is the biggest Hindu festival celebrated in India, and we have planned the perfect way for you to experience Diwali as locals do.

Diwali is celebrated to It is mentioned in the book that Lord Rama returned to his capital Ayodhya on this day. He was exiled from the State for 14 years. During exile, he defeated Demon King Ravana and returned home with his wife Sita, brother Lakshmana and accomplice Lord Hanumana.

Diwali is celebrated in Jaipur on another level, it is one of the best cities to be on the day of Diwali, the whole walled city, markets, monuments, building are covered with lights and are beautifully decorated, the best way to celebrate Diwali is to attend the evening aarti ceremony with Indian family and yes with us you can experience all of it, markets, food, monuments, traditional shopping, Indian family visits, fireworks and the exclusive party at one of the best rooftops in Jaipur.

We promise you the wholesome Diwali experience in Jaipur.
  • Take part in the main evening ceremony with an Indian Family.

  • A combination of our food tour, walking tour and Shopping tour of Jaipur

  • Visit all the major famous markets of the Pink City on the day of Diwali. 

  • Buy new traditional outfits to get in the festive mood

  • Try the best sweets from a 300 years old sweet shop and the best snacks prepared specially during the festive season

  • Diya, candle, firework shopping and gift shopping

  • Rooftop party with sky lanterns and Drinks to finish the night with over 100+ travelers and locals.

  • Diwali After party.

What's Included


  • Amazingly delicious snacks, chai, sweets, and proper local lunch

  • Transportation during the whole tour

  • Indian Family visit for an evening aarti ceremony

  • Fireworks and sky lantern

  • Entrance with 2 free drinks at the rooftop party and after-party.

Meeting Point: Golcha Cinema, New Gate
Cost: 49 USD
Time: 1:00 pm onwards until Late Night