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Food Tour by Nomadic tours! *Images*

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Our main Aim is to connect travelers with locals through Indian food, culture, and traditions.

In December 2017 we started with our mission to introduce India's local flavor to the world and help visitors “eat like a Local”. We launched Food Tours to let visitors from all over the world experience the ultimate food and cultural exploration. Besides tasting delicious food, all participants will learn fascinating history and rich culture in neighborhoods, sharing from the true insider. This blog is just to show you the glimpse of how the food in Jaipur looks like. To know more about the tour click here . 12+ Dishes | 8+ Food Stops | Eat like locals

Dish#1- Cholay Khulche


Dish#2 Aloo Tikki

Dish #3 Dahi Puri

Nomadic tours | Food tour

Dish #4 Pav Bhaji

Dish#5 MOMOS


Dish#6 Veg Roll

Dish#7 Punjabi Cheese Vada Pav

Nomadic Tours | Food Tour | Jaipur

Dish#8 Paneer tikka

Dish#9 Pakori

Nomadic tours | Food tour

Dish#10 Sev puri

Nomadic Tours | Food tour

Dish#11 Kulfi

Dish#12 halwa

Nomadic Tours | food tour

Peace! Nomadic tours.

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