• Rishabh Tripathi

Why you should never visit Udaipur *Sarcastic*

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

If you’re thinking about coming to Udaipur while in India, forget it. This city has nothing to offer you except a whole set of regrets. No, seriously, don’t come here, no matter what your friends told you or what the websites propose, you won’t like it here. For sure it won't fascinate you.

The lakes are such a disappointment

And the views are absolutely ridiculous

There is nothing fancy in here.

Five star hotels in the middle of the lake? Who needs them?

City Lake Palace Udaipur

No interesting monuments to be seen

Five centuries old City Palace is such a disappointment

There is nothing interesting to do here as well, seriously

The festivals are boring. You won't like it

The handicraft is poor and the markets are empty. Going there is just a waste of time and money

Don't even try the local food, it's tasteless

Local rooftops are just overrated

You think Udaipur has a cultural heritage? You were wrong

If you are bored of Udaipur, which would happen faster then you expect, there is nothing to see nearby

Seriously why would anyone even bother visiting Udaipur?

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