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Pushkar Holi Festival 2019- an extravaganza of 3 days.

For when the mind goes crazy, mood becomes lazy and all plans go hazy, come to Pushkar. A small village in the heart of the desertland, this place, to heavens know why, has something that puts the chords in you go calm. A perfect destination for all kinds of hippy, mindless and mindful types of things to do, Pushkar is the world’s only place where Brahma is dedicated a temple along with a sacred lake.

With the springs on the doors, the Hindu hinterlands and mainlands alike prepare their play to imitate the mother nature, of course with colors, freshness and a splurge of new energy. And that is what most know as Holi- the color festival of India.

These peeps of Pushkar, might be disconnected to modernness but have stuck so close to their culture, that they know exactly how to celebrate every occasion with incredible oneness. Well, now that we know that they are great at it, why wouldn’t we join them in their celebrations? But hey? Ain’t got any plans? Know no-one here? Want the best of it? How about joining in with us? Nomadic Tours India brings to you Pushkar Holi Festival Trip 2019, a three day extravaganza to celebrate in authentic style among your Indian friends. Sounds like a plan? Dig in down to know the complete itinerary:

Day 1

20th March (9 AM): Gather at Moustache Jaipur, and prepare yourself for 3 days of unlimited fun, authentic experiences and unknown adventures. We leave in a shared cab accommodating 4, and cover the journey together to reach our destination by noon. Post quickly checking in at Moustache Pushkar, we together shall have breakfast. Up in the pipeline are visits to the town’s popular spots, the pushkar lake, brahma temple, varaha temple amongst other places in the main town, buy yourself a meal and have a hearty lunch.

But before you even know, it’s already about time for the sun to go down, and we are going to get an up-close-personal sunset view of the drowning sun after a ride through forests, then the dusty desert dunes and finally, here we are surrounded by marble mountains at Ajaypal Temple. This place, particularly is famous as a sunset point, and we just can’t agree more. Aloo Baba, a legit person who survives on two things, potatoes and hashish, we meet this legend too on the way to the Ajaypal temple.

Today is a special day, a day before actual color smearing, pyres of Holika (the antagonist of this whole movie) are burned and her defeat in the entire scenario is celebrated. We’ll watch that around, see them celebrate the most authentic style right after they complete their rituals of praying it. Quite a lot said, much more done, it’s time for relaxing cause tomorrow is a whole lot of fun. Retire in your rooms, the day begins early.

Day 2

21st March: (8 AM)

Let’s sit together in the morning to have some great breakfast. And make it a bit quick, it’s a holyday (#imaginationgonewild).

Here’s a fair warning: Got money on you? No. Got a camera? Hell No. Some fancy clothing? Not at all. Wayfarers? May help. Greased up in lotion? You-totally-know-how-to-do-it. And now, you’re ready.

Let’s get thumping to the beats of the crazy-crazy loud speakers with tracks ranging from psy trances to bollywood masala music, smearing color it at each other when we finally somehow navigate to the main squares of the city, you’ll know what you have opted for is a grandly crazy, once-in-a-lifetime, as real as it gets experience. And take us on our word, there’s no better way to do Holi like they do it here.

Not many get to celebrate the festival in the middle of the pushkar city on a rooftop restaurant, that’s why we thought we would give it a try and reserve things for so you can catch your breath before again heading to the streets.

Combine water guns and color bombs to make the war go next level, and at any point if you wanna go to a next level, try on some ‘thandai’ (a milk preparation which gets you go crazy), also this is a holi special.

Hungry? We are too. Join us for traditional Rajasthani lunch in the streets of Pushkar, we sit and dine and it’s all on us. Along with cherishing some great Indian curries, you’ll also cherish how your time fled today. Get back to your rooms, and spend time washing the colors off yourself. When you are done, you’ll find us waiting with a bonfire to have acoustic evenings and just share some great conversations. Doze off in your beds, another fun-filled day awaits you.

Day 3

A morning visit to Baidyanath temple, one of the most prodigious religious site of the region, marks a good start for the day, with the feeble warmth of the sun and the amazing views of the city. Get back, have breakfast and pack up your things. We are making things rustic today. This journey to the desert, begins with a camel ride to the campsite, once there, spend some time around in the dunes and when the time is right, see the sun drown into the dusty desert lands. And what plans for entertainment? We will spend rest of the night watching amazing dancers showing their path breaking skillsets around a bonfire and some great chilled out music tones.

Our last dinner together and how could not we have this on us? It’s a feast, let’s have it together, fill up yourself completely. A great night show, stargazing, maybe some drinks? Ah, you won’t be able to decide when to go to sleep.

Day 4

Wake up early morning, or the sun will wake you, pack up, it’s the show end. Riding back to the hostel, the same desert lanes we came up on, and like all good things, we will put this to an end. Treat yourself with some breakfast if you feel a bit hungry and get ready. Pack up your belongings, we are heading back to where it all started from. Get in the cab, we are driving back to Jaipur.

Finally, if you love it, speak up and tell your friends what a crazy experience you had in Pushkar on a holi-day.

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